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The Center for Journal Therapy, Inc. is a Colorado corporation.  Contact details can be found on the contact page.


The Center for Journal Therapy, Inc. family of websites collects no more data about you than most other websites. This policy describes our approach to your personal data.

As a general rule, we use information we have collected about you for the purposes you supplied it – for example if you have ordered goods or services from us, then we will use it to help us supply those goods or services. We also use information we have collected from all our sites to help us understand how those sites are used in order to improve them or to design new services we might offer.

For our interactive sites, edits, comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks are published, and except in very limited circumstances, will be a permanent part of this site. If you decide to comment, link, or pingback to a post, you must keep this in mind.

Under the Data Protection Act, you may at any time request a copy of the information we hold on you (for which we may charge a small fee to offset our administration costs) by writing to us (see above).

This privacy policy will be reviewed, and may be revised, from time to time. You may wish to revisit it regularly.

Supporter information

If you have joined our membership site as a community member, we thank you for doing so. We appreciate your support. We will use the information you have given us and your declared registered membership level to try to connect you with the right parts of our network and to help you to be more involved. We may use your contact details to get in touch as part of that involvement.

Public data and publishing

Browsing this site doesn’t reveal your identity publicly, though see Private Logging later in this document for more information.

Author identification

When posting a comment in the blog, a name and email address may be required. You do not have to select your real name or use your regular email address. Your email address will not published. If you are concerned, you may wish to get a free email account or attempt to use a remail service.

Page edits, comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks and other activity on our websites may be identified by your IP address. These numbers could potentially be traceable to identifying information about you, whether it is your home ISP or the Work account where the IP address is registered. Your IP address could potentially be used in conjunction with other data to identify you.


If you have given us your e-mail address, you agree to allow us to send e-mail to that address in order to deliver our services to you. In practice this will usually involve emails about service down-time or important changes to services to which you subscribe. Some e-mails – such as those subscribed to mailing lists – will receive more traffic as an integral part of the service.

In addition to necessary e-emails, we will also occasionally use the e-mail to contact you for our own purposes. For example we might want to tell you about new services we are offering or we might be seeking volunteers for one of our many activities. We understand how annoying it can be to receive large quantities of unsolicited mail. We will do our best to ensure that anything we do send to you will be relevant and unobtrusive.


Our sites may use cookies. This is often as a convenience for you to enable certain site features. You may wish to clear these cookies and the browser cache if you wish to refrain from revealing any identifying information, especially if you are using a public or shared computer. You may also wish to disable your browser from accepting cookies.

Private logging

Any time you visit a page on the internet, you send quite a bit of information to the server. The webservers that host this site maintain access logs with the information that you send. This information is used to provide site statistics and to get an idea of popular pages and what sites link here. We do not intend to use these logs to identify legitimate users.

The data logged may be used by us to solve technical problems with the site and, in cases of abuse of this site, to investigate the abuse.

We also use web analytics services to get a general idea of the kinds of traffic our websites get in order to provide better services and to set benchmarks for how we are doing in meeting the organization’s goals.

Data release policy

Our policy is only to release the data we collect in the following circumstances:

  • As required by law, such as in response to a valid request from law enforcement.
  • To designated third parties to resolve or investigate abuse complaints.
  • When the information is related to spiders or bots, usually when investigating technical issues.
  • For abusive users, we may release information to assist in attempting to block the abusive user or to complain to that user’s Internet Service Provider.
  • If necessary to defend legal claims against us by third parties.
  • When we deem it necessary to protect the property or rights of the user community, or this website.

No selling of information

We will not sell information collected via this site, such as your email address, to third parties.

Information security

Despite our commitment and very best efforts to protect your privacy through encryption, security of sites, ethical practice, and contracting with information technology vendors who uphold best-practice industry standards, we can make no absolute guarantee that the information that you provide us will be secure.

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