Refrigerator Prompts

I bought a sleek black refrigerator last month when the compressor died on my old one. As I cleaned off the magnets, notes, and miscellany from my old fridge, I realized how consistently these little gems have filled me with subliminal inspiration. Here are some of the ones I put back up. Try these prompts, and check your own refrigerator for gems of wisdom!


I dwell in possibility. –Emily Dickenson (magnet)
Make a list of the current events of your life — people, projects, problems, potentials. Choose one or two that are especially in foreground. What are the possibilities? Make a list. Check or star the possibilities that you might act upon. Sketch out an action plan. Repeat!


Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. –Buddha (from a daily calendar with inspirational quotes)
Write about a time in the recent past when you shared a joy or happiness with another, and thus increased the amount of light in his/her life. Or: Do something today to light another’s candle, and then write about the experience.


I will tell you what I learned for myself. For me a long, five- or six-mile walk helps. And one must go alone and every day. –Brenda Ueland (from a daily fitness and food diary)
What have you learned for yourself about what keeps you healthy?  Describe your most reliable (or necessary, or successful) health habit.


Urban Skye: Connecting the city to its soul. (business card)

What is the soul of your city?


You are a brilliant idea! -Thiwande (post card)

How are you a brilliant idea? What is the best idea you’ve had lately? Have you started to put it into action? What’s happened since you started? If you haven’t started putting it into action, do you want to? How might you begin?


Thank you so much for everything…. You are truly my sister in spirit. (note from a friend)

Who are your sisters/brothers in spirit? Today, write a thank-you note (sent or unsent) to one of them. Let your heart and spirit speak.


When one door closes, another one opens–somewhere. (magnet)

Have any doors closed for you lately? Or is one closing now? Write about it. Then write about the door that has opened–somewhere–to balance it. If you can’t find the opened door, write about a time when a door opened unexpectedly for the better. Or write about the opportunity you hope is just around the corner to succeed the door that is closing.

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