Long Program: The Therapeutic Writing Institute

The Therapeutic Writing Institute (TWI) is a fully on-line academic institute. Its mission is to be the premier source of standards-based education and training on the theory and practice of life-based writing for healing, growth, and change across the life span. It opened cyberdoors in 2008 and now has a global student body of 800+.

TWI is the professional training division of the Center for Journal Therapy. It was created by Kay Adams in response to the outpouring of requests she had for a curriculum-based alternative to guided independent study or the short-form training intensive.

Upon formal application and completion of an intensive course of study that spans 2-3 years, trainees graduate with the credential Certified Journal Facilitator or (for licensed therapists) Certified Journal Therapist. Licensed therapists also have the option of the Certificate of Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing, a streamlined track that does not result in credentials but does document a cohesive course of study.

Some students opt to take classes for personal and/or professional development “a la carte,” without the container of a training program. These students are welcomed and encouraged to participate at the same level of engagement as our trainees.

A Quick Self-Check Guide

We want you to succeed! And we know that our brand of online learning isn’t right for everyone. Three areas strongly predict success with our program.  Assess yourself!


The TWInstitute program is conducted entirely online, on a learning platform that was chosen to be both sophisticated and simple to navigate. However, all of our classes require that you have basic computer skills. You must be able to:

  • fluently manage email
  • upload and download files
  • navigate website menus
  • have high speed internet on a reasonably current and well-functioning computer


TWI is an educational community with actual classes, teachers, texts, homework, assignments, discussions and learning objectives.  Please bring your own best practice and agree to:

  • honor the ground rules and learning agreements of the Therapeutic Writing Institute
  • be a participating member of a serious educational community for the full term (subject to exceptions should urgent needs arise)
  • schedule necessary time each week (average 3 hours/week/class) to participate in reading, writing and online discussion, as assigned
  • pay tuition ($350/class for non-trainees, $295/class for CJF and CAS trainees) when due


  • If you’ve previously taken (or taught!) online classes in a college or university setting (perhaps with learning platforms such as BlackBoard, eCollege, etc.) you will likely find the TWI learning platform to be familiar and easy to navigate.
  • If you haven’t had specific online education, but you’ve participated in an informal online class that used an email discussion format (such as yahoogroups, Google groups, etc.), there’s an excellent chance that you’ll do well.
  • If this is your first online learning experience, but you meet the criteria in 1 and 2 and you’re willing and able to learn, you’re likely to do just fine. We provide new student orientation, tutorials, and personalized technical support.

If it seems that you would be a good candidate for TWI, please download the special report, Is TWI Right for You?, which offers a comprehensive overview of the training program, including requirements for completion and costs.

Certification Training

The popularity and awareness of journal writing as a self-help tool has never been higher.  Nearly every self-help author, health and wellness program, recovery method, spiritual practice and management expert recommends journal writing as a primary path to self-understanding.

Training as a Certified Journal Facilitator (or, if you’re a licensed psychotherapist, a Certified Journal Therapist) could put you right on the cutting edge of this trend.  There are opportunities in every community to teach journal writing classes and lead therapeutic writing groups – in churches, libraries, rec centers, universities and colleges, adult education programs, clinics, corporations, employee assistance programs, psychotherapy and coaching practices, hospitals… even living rooms!

Learn more by visiting the Therapeutic Writing Institute >>

Endorsement of Credential

The International Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy (IFBPT) is the (501)(c)(6) independent standards-setting board for the field of biblio/poetry therapy, the broadest definition of which includes all forms of therapeutic writing.

The Federation has endorsed the Therapeutic Writing Institute as a curriculum-based training that meets requirements for a cohesive program of standards-based teaching. TWI graduates may, upon application and payment of fees, recieve IFBPT endorsement of their Certified Journal Facilitator or Certified Journal Therapist credential.

Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Please go HERE  to see what is offered for the current or upcoming term.