The Write Way to Wellness

It’s no secret that writing thoughts and feelings down in a notebook or journal builds bridges to inner strength, self-understanding and mind-body awareness. Now, medical research offers scientific evidence of the power of writing to actually maintain health and increase physical wellness!

This workshop is an educational, experiential program that teaches a full-spectrum, integrated approach to wellness using journalkeeping as a primary tool. Skills taught experientially include stress management, life balance, values clarification, behavioral change, holistic self-care, mind/body awareness, visualization and relaxation. In addition to journal therapy, modalities include supportive community-building, group process, psychoeducation, solution-focused brief therapy, the Relaxation Response, and cognitive skill-building.

The course is available as a one-day or two-day intensive.

All participants receive a copy of Kathleen Adams’ 192-page The Write Way to Wellness Workbook and accompanying audio CD, The Write Way to Wellness Meditations, as program text.

What You Will Learn

Participants have direct experience with immediately useful information such as:

  • How only minutes a day of writing can lead to better health
  • One’s own individualized imprint of wellness
  • How to befriend and empower the Healthy Self and the Healer Within
  • Gentle help for managing grief and loss
  • How to bring balance and well-being into each day
  • Five mystical keys to wellness that transform lives

Who Should Attend

Groups for whom this curriculum is effective include:

  • People with long-term, chronic and/or life-threatening illness (e.g. cancer, HIV, diabetes, pain management) and their helping professionals
  • People in educational and/or behavioral programs designed to improve or maintain wellness (e.g. smoking cessation, cardiac care, weight management, stress management) and their helping professionals
  • Clients of wellness centers, health spas, holistic retreats and resorts and their helping professionals
  • People in substance abuse and recovery programs and their helping professionals
  • Community members who participate in health education programs
  • Helping and health-care professionals as part of continuing education and skill development programs
  • Registered Poetry Therapists, Certified Poetry Therapists, Certified Applied Poetry Facilitators, and PTR/CPT/CAPF trainees

Continuing Education

The Center for Journal Therapy has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP #5782. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Center for Journal Therapy is responsible for all aspects of the programs. Six (6) CE hours per training day are given at the end of the training.

To book Kathleen Adams for this training, please contact us.