Scribing the Soul

We dance ‘round in a ring and suppose
but the Secret sits in the Center, and knows.
–Robert Frost

Every spiritual practice holds at its center the concept of wisdom from a higher mind – which some have described as the soul — that becomes accessible when we turn within. There are many ways to access this quiet knowledge: Meditation, prayer, yoga, silence. Reflective writing is another path to soul wisdom.

We’ll use mystical and nature poetry as thresholds to scribe the soul through reliable, time-tested journal processes. You’ll be expertly guided through your own soul stories, from your earliest connections to Source through your present-moment experiences with grace. Along the way you’ll befriend the Wise One within, map your spiritual journey, write the wisdom of the body and discover new ways to access intuition.

A strong sense of community evolves very quickly, in part through careful witnessing of each other’s stories. After each writing process there is an open invitation to read what’s been written. Sharing is always voluntary, and many people find that some of the most powerful moments of the workshop are those when they hear their own words in their own voice in the presence of others who simply witness without judgment, critique or comment.

The poet William Stafford asks,
Starting here, what do you want to remember?

In this workshop we will explore how writing can connect us to our own soul stories and the wisdom that lives within.

To book Kathleen Adams for a Scribing the Soul workshop in your own community, you will realistically be able to enroll 12-15 women who have some familiarity with women’s group process, spiritual discernment, and/or journal work.

Hours: Friday, 7-9 pm; Saturday, 9:30-4:30; Sun, 9:00-1:00.

Cost: $3500, which includes transportation from Denver, lodging, meals, and incidentals. This breaks down to approximately $235-295 each for 12-15 women. In rare cases, travel surcharge may apply if transportation and lodging costs exceed $1,000. If necessary, this will be negotiated at time of contract.

Venue: Booking party is responsible for arranging suitable venue. No-cost options include HOA clubhouses, large office spaces (conference rooms, meeting rooms), private homes if privacy can be guaranteed (no family members or roommates in the house during meeting hours).

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