5 Spring Journaling Prompts To Start the Season

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, making it the perfect season to focus on personal development and reflection. Cultivate self-awareness and clarify your thoughts and feelings with these 5 journaling prompts:

1. Every season has its rituals and holidays. What do you celebrate or observe in spring?

2. Make a list of favorite springtime memories or experiences. Choose one (or more) and write its story.

3. Spring equinox brings with it a balance of light and night. Where are you feeling especially balanced this season? Where might you be out of balance? What might you do to support more balance?

4. As your neighborhood begins to come out of winter slumber, take a walk and observe the return to growth and green. Observe the buds, shoots and new beginnings. Then write about something that has been incubating in you. What is ready to come into the light of spring?

5. In solidarity with our friends in parts of the world turning to autumn, what is something you can release in this season?

What’s next in my journal writing journey?

Depending on where you are at in your journey, we have a few next steps for you to consider.

Experienced Journal Writers, Coaches, and Therapists:

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New to Journal Writing: 

We’ve got some great resources that will give you lots and lots of ways to deepen your writing practice and experience writing groups.  Here’s a couple starting points:

J is for Journal Course (Register for this FREE 7 day course with 68 journaling prompts!)

Journal to the Self Book (Award winning author Kathleen Adams’ classic work provides a powerful tool for personal growth)