10 Journal Prompts for December Closing the Year

snowman for december journal and writing prompts These writing prompts are the bones of every year-end journal review that I do. It’s a time when I collect all my notebooks, page through them and mark the highlights, lowlights, blessings, lessons and progress on visions. Each category begins with listing and then, for those experiences that want more detail, moves into Captured Moments, or Five-Minute Sprints, or any other technique that feels appropriate.  

Make a list of this year’s highlights, large and small. What have been some of the stand-out successes, pleasures, special moments of this year? Include everything that comes to mind.  

Similarly, make a list of the “lowlights” or challenges for this year. Where have you struggled? What got in your way of accomplishing what you wanted to get done? Again, include everything, large and small.  

Gifts and Blessings 
What unexpected or/and unimagined gifts and blessings have you received this year? What has it meant to receive this bounty? How have you been a gift and blessing to others this year? 

What have been the most enduring or surprising lessons of this year? How have they shaped you? What is different-and-better as a result of the learning? What in your personal history do these lessons echo or extend? 

Goal/Vision/Intention Review 
What did you set as goals, visions, intentions a year ago at this time? What movement have you made? What has been actualized? What has gone into background? How do you feel about what has or has not been manifested? 

The Bigger Picture 
How have world events shaped you this year? How have you responded to the impact of local, national and global challenges, successes, atrocities and advances?  

Adapted from Scribing the Soul, “Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello”. © 2004 Kathleen Adams. 

What’s next in my journal writing journey?

We have a few next steps for you to consider, depending on where you are at in your writing journey.

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New to Journal Writing: 

We’ve got some great resources that will give you lots and lots of ways to deepen your writing practice and experience writing groups.  Here’s a couple starting points:

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