Core Values

The Center for Journal Therapy claims these core values as central to the accomplishment of its mission and vision.


  • We model best practice in our work.
  • We are ethical, fair, and responsible in all business matters. We keep our agreements.
  • We consider what is best for the business and its mission with what is best for an individual, and our choicemaking reflects this balance.
  • We treat our customers, clients, students, prospects, vendors, advisors, support teams, co-workers, and selves with respect and positive regard.
  • We give value for what we charge, and we charge what we are worth.
  • We strive for excellence in all that we do.


  • We know and acknowledge the life-changing, career-changing, and even world-changing effects of the work of the Center for Journal Therapy.
  • We accept and live our role as a global thought leader and role model for standards-based practice in journal therapy and therapeutic writing.
  • We hold visions, both Big Visions and everyday visions, with intention, integrity, and alignment with universal laws of physics and metaphysics.
  • We know and acknowledge that we can co-create seemingly impossible things through the power of conscious thought and purposeful action.


  • We embrace change that leads us to doing our work in new and better ways.
  • We are curious and open to new ideas.
  • We reward initiative, creative thinking, and innovative problem-solving.
  • We acknowledge and accept that innovation requires constant learning curves, and we work together to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • We recognize what is no longer functional, and we take action for responsible change.


  • We believe in the power of the collective to achieve what individuals alone cannot.
  • We create safe, welcoming, and comfortable physical and virtual spaces for individuals to gather with like-minded others who share their passion for therapeutic writing as an agent for healing, growth, and change.
  • We are gatherers. We bring the journal therapy community together through conferences, membership sites, trainings, symposia, intensives, retreats. We train and empower those in all parts of the United States and the world to build therapeutic writing communities in their own areas.
  • We believe, as the poet Rilke said, that “there is nothing so wise as a circle,” and we conduct our business in the tradition of circle wisdom.


  • We are generous with time, talent, and resources.
  • We provide exemplary customer support and take extra steps to make sure that our students, clients, agents, faculty and staff have the knowledge, resources, and information they need to succeed.
  • We appreciate and reward loyalty, innovation, and dedication.
  • In the workplace, we accept and support each other, considering the needs of co-workers and the business in our choice-making.
  • We assume positive intention in all our interactions with others and consciously step away from right-wrong paradigms.
  • We maintain firm yet flexible boundaries that support us in actualizing and living our mission and core values.