Kay Adams, creator of the Journalverse

Welcome to the Journalverse!

Hi, it’s Kay Adams, founder/president of the Center for Journal Therapy. The Journalverse is our membership community, and I’m so glad you’ve joined!

And you’re part of a very exclusive group! Only people who register Sat-Mon, Oct 28-30, will ever see this.

You see, it’s only in the very last run-through of everything that could possibly go wrong that I discovered something that went wrong! This isn’t the page you’re supposed to see after you add yourself to the mailing list. And Monday, when someone from tech support can tell me how to change it, THIS page will go away and THAT link will go to HERE, which is where it wanted to be all along.  Scroll down to log in, then consider saving your settings in your browser so that you don’t have to sign in each time. Enjoy!