Kay’s radio program Journaling for a Better Life, airs at 5:00 pm Eastern time every Thursday on Exceptional Wisdom Radio, a progressive and innovative internet station. Each program is an hour-long interview with a leading thinker, author or teacher in the field of therapeutic writing. If you are an audio learner, you will be delighted at these riches!


Pioneers | Therapeutic | Wellness
Creativity | Spirituality | Other Applications


Christina Baldwin – A Conversation with Christina
Lucia Cappachione – The Creative Journal
Deena Metzger – On Dreams and Wildness
Dr. Linda Joy Myers – The Power of Memoir
Dr. James Pennebaker – A Researcher’s Perspective
Fran Pullara – The Progoff Intensive Journal
Judy Reeves – A Writer’s Life
Kate Thompson – Journal Therapy in Great Britain
Dan Wakefield – The Story of Your Life
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Therapeutic Uses

Susan Borkin – When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes
Leia Francisco – Writing Through Transitions
Dr. Robb Jackson – Writing and Recovery
Dr. Beth Jacobs – Writing for Emotional Balance
Mary Maynard – Writing Through Grief
Dr. Sherry Reiter – Writing Away the Demons
Donaleen Saul –  Writing After Suicide
Barbara Stahura – After Brain Injury
Cyncie Winter- Expressive Arts & Combat Trauma
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Writing and Wellness

Cindy Coney – Chronic Illness
Sue Meyn – Journal Magic
Jolene Park – Healthy Discoveries
Janice Putrino –  Writing for Wellness
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Michael Blumenthal – Conversations with a Poet
Susan de Wardt – Beyond Words
Charlene Geiss –  Inner Outings
Mary Reynolds Thompson – Write the Damn Book!
Kim Rosen – Saved by a Poem
Joy Sawyer – Poetry and Personal Growth
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Mark Matousek – Spiritual Memoir
Ray McGinnis –  Writing the Sacred
Lynn Morrissey – Love Letters to God
Mary Reynolds Thompson – Awakening the Eco Soul
Dana Reynolds –  Writing and Spirituality
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Other Applications

Ruth Folit – LifeJournal Software
Ruth Folit – International Association of Journal Writers
Tina Games-Evans –  Journaling for Moonlight Moms
Yvette Hyater-Adams –  Business Journals
Joanna Merriman – Travel Journals
Dr. Linda Joy Myers – National Association of Memoir Writers
Samara O’Shea –  Note to Self
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