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Ira Progoff – Intensive Journal® Method/Dialogue House
Dr. James Pennebaker – University of Texas at Austin
Christina Baldwin – Storycatcher
Tristine Rainer – Center for Autobiographic Studies
Lucia Cappachione – Creative Journal Expressive Arts
Henriette Klauser – Writing Made Easy
Dan Wakefield – Wakespace
Proprioceptive Writing Center – Writing the Mind Alive

Therapeutic Writing Institute Faculty

Susan de Wardt – Mindworks Coaching
Leia Francisco – Leia Francisco & Associates
Peggy Heller – Word Arts Collage
Rae Hight – Rae Hight
Robb Jackson – Robb Jackson
Mark Matousek – Mark Matousek
Linda Joy Myers – Memories and Memoirs
Debbie McCulliss – Debbie McCulliss
Lynn O’Connell – Non-Profit Zone
Samara O’Shea – LetterLover
Janice Putrino – Writing for Wellness
Kim Rosen – Kim Rosen
Kate Thompson – Kate Thompson
Mary Reynolds Thompson – Awakening the EcoSoul


International Association of Journal Writers – membership site for journal writers
National Association of Memoir Writers – membership site for memoir writers
National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy – credentialing standards board for biblio/poetry/journal therapy
International Women’s Writing Guild – membership community for women wirters
Story Circle Network – membership community for life story writers
National Association for Poetry Therapy – membership community for poets and poetry therapists
Academy of Poets – wonderful site for poetry searches
Wellness and Writing Connections – John Evans’ Wellness & Writing Connections Conference

Educational Programs

Goddard Transformative Language Arts Program
DU University College, MA Liberal Studies, Creative Writing (includes Writing & Healing curriculum)

Friends and Colleagues

Sharon Lippincott – Art & Heart of Life Story Writing